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Living in Rockwall Texas

Mar 15

Rockwall Texas, located 23 miles northeast of downtown Dallas along the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, is a great place to live for families and young professionals. It is a vibrant, thriving community where residents enjoy a stable economy, an enviable quality of life, and a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

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Aside from its gorgeous views of the lake, locals also love the town’s rich historical legacy and a friendly community atmosphere. 87 percent of Rockwall residents are Caucasian and most have advanced degrees.

You’ll find a mix of businesses, including those in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. Some of the best restaurants in Rockwall are within walking distance of a downtown shopping area, while others offer a convenient takeout or delivery option to meet any busy schedule.

The Rockwall County Historical Museum, which is housed in a historic home, is the perfect place to learn about Rockwall’s fascinating history. It offers a glimpse into the past by featuring a number of displays that recreate rooms from the 19th century.

Another thing to check out is the mysterious underground wall uncovered in 1852, which has long puzzled historians and geologists. The stacked, pale rocks are separated by a layer of sediment and resemble bricks that were laid symmetrically.

This interesting formation is thought to have been deposited by water during the last Ice Age, when it was part of a large lake. As the ice melted, it left behind sediment, which gradually hardened and broke down into different patterns over millions of years.

Today, these stacked stones can be found throughout Rockwall County and parts of Dallas County. While they have long puzzled historians and geologists, there’s a growing consensus that they were formed as a result of the water breaking apart and compressing the rocks into a solid mass.

The walls are also believed to be from the cretaceous period, which is when dinosaurs roamed the region. The rocks have been dated to about 70 million years old.

Aside from being known for its history, Rockwall is also a great place to experience some of the most beautiful sunsets in North Texas. The city hosts several summer-music series, and it has a number of parks and green spaces where locals can enjoy the outdoors.

Some of the most popular parks are the Squabble Crew Mountain Biking trails, the Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club, and Harry Myers Park, where you can enjoy barbecue and swimming.

If you’re in the mood for some fresh, local produce, make sure to stop by the weekly farmers market on the historic square. The market is held every Saturday from May through September and has a diverse selection of products, including fruits and vegetables, bread and pastries, tamales, and more.

During the fall and spring, the City of Rockwall organizes several seasonal events that are fun for the whole family. In addition, Rockwall hosts its annual Founder’s Day Festival and is a Preserve America community, which has a Facade Grants program to preserve historic storefronts in its downtown area.