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Chimney Repair Cost in Vancouver

Apr 12

The type of problem you have will determine the cost of chimney repairs. Unfortunately, untreated issues become worse and more expensive, so don't delay!

We can estimate the cost of repairing your chimney if it needs maintenance. Here is a list of common chimney repairs and their associated fees.

We suggest you continue reading before deciding.


Common Chimney Repairs and How Much They Cost
Here is a list of chimney issues that need fixing and their average costs.

Do You Experience Voids to Mortar Joints or Discoloration of Your Chimney's Mortar?

One of the most frequent issues with chimneys is discoloration in their mortar. This may be caused by excess creosote buildup, soot accumulation, corrosion, algae or mold growth. While you might not think much of discolored spots on your chimney as a major issue, they could indicate water damage to joints due to water sitting on bricks or getting into joints, turning what was once complicated and solid into soft and sandy material.

It is wise to have your chimney evaluated if you observe any voids in the mortar joints. A simple repoint often solves this problem if caught early, preventing water from entering your home and causing further harm. In severe cases, a complete rebuild may be necessary as repointing may not be enough; water may have already removed too much mortar from your chimney. Prices for a chimney repoint range anywhere from $1500 up to $3500 depending on how badly damaged they are and depends on how extensive they are.
Additional expenses may apply for cap replacements.

Basic chimney repointing involves grinding out mortar joints that have become voids and replacing them with new masonry. This basic service, known as cap refurbishment, costs around $1500.


Crown Damage
The crown is an integral component of a chimney. Generally, this consists of a large slab of concrete that rests atop the chimney. Crown damaged
When your chimney crown becomes damaged, replace it promptly with a similar type of part.

The crown plays an essential role in chimney construction. It shields your chimney from weather extremes like rain or sun, protects it from rainwater damage, and guards its mortar and brick against deterioration.

The crown of a chimney prevents sparks from escaping its top, thus avoiding potential fire hazards on your roof.

Cracks are the most frequent issue with crowns. Cracks allow water to seep inside, freeze, expand and cause further destruction.

Your chimney's brick and mortar and roof can sustain severe damage if not addressed promptly. Therefore, it is imperative to take immediate steps to rectify the situation.

Depending on the severity of the damage, replacing your chimney's crown can range in cost from $500 to $2,000, depending on how severe the issue. However, this cost could reach as high as $3,000 depending on what needs replacing.

Here are some estimated prices:

  • Roofline Up Repoint - $1000 to $2500
  • Chimney Roofline Rebuild (Relay All Bricks) -$2000 - $4000


Broken Flue Liner
Your chimney's flue liner protects and maintains its functionality, transporting toxic and combustible gases away from your house. Without it, family members and friends could be exposed to hazardous fumes.

Two flue liners exist: clay and metal (usually made of steel or aluminum). Modern flue liners are made of metal, offering more excellent break resistance.

Older fireplaces may have flue liners made of clay tiles, and these can break easily and need frequent repair or replacement. Over time, your clay flue liner may crack and become unusable.

As part of your chimney safety program, we strongly suggest having your clay tiles inspected at least once annually.

Clay tiles can be replaced at the cost of $60-100 per square foot, though even these may need replacing over time. We suggest that you upgrade your clay flue liner with a metal one.

Metal flue liners tend to be more costly, ranging from $2,500 to $6,000. Regardless of your chimney size, there should be no further issues once replaced.


Brick Chimney Repair
With time, the mortar and bricks of your chimney may deteriorate. These elements are essential for proper chimney functioning as they form their structural foundation.

Water can seep into cracks in bricks, making them increasingly important over time. Spalling occurs when bricks crack and crumble away.

If you neglect to maintain the brick-and-mortar of your chimney, you could eventually need to replace it completely.

Replacement of an entire chimney could cost up to $10,000.


Leaning Chimney Repair Costs

A leaning chimney typically indicates an underlying issue. Leaking chimneys can be indicative of a serious foundation issue with your chimney.

A tilting chimney will continue to tilt at an increasingly acute angle if not addressed promptly.

Leaning chimney repairs can range in cost from $2,000 to $4,000. Ultimately, it all depends on how quickly you take action.


Chimney Repointing
Repointing is the process of repairing mortar between bricks in your chimney. Improving this mortar may prevent further structural damage and deterioration.

When performing chimney pointing, it's ideal if most of your chimney's structural integrity remains. If your chimney requires repair work, now is the ideal time to take action.


Repointing is the structural repair of mortar in your chimney. Conversely, Tuckpointing focuses on improving its aesthetic appeal by filling any visible or unsightly gaps.

Tuckpointing does not attempt to prevent further damage, but rather enhances the aesthetic of your chimney. It is optional to tuckpoint right away.

However, leaving gaps in your chimney is never a wise idea. If you have other chimney repairs done in Greater Vancouver, ask for any necessary tuckpointing to ensure everything securely fits together.

Chimney tuckpointing typically costs between $500 and $2,000.


Your chimney may have suffered so much damage that repointing or replacing bricks is no longer an option. At this stage, you must rebuild your chimney from scratch.

Rebuilding a chimney depends on the extent of damage it has sustained.

Most often, only part of your chimney must be rebuilt. Usually, this is the section above the roof that requires reconstruction as it's more susceptible to cracks and other damages.

In such cases, your chimney must be taken entirely apart - including its flashing--a metal piece between it and your roof that prevents leaks. After the damage has been remedied, rebuilding can begin.

Rebuilding a chimney depends on the extent of damage, its location and size. A partial rebuild typically costs between $2,500-$4,000, depending on size; for larger chimneys, a complete reconstruction could run up to $10,000.


Professional Chimney Repair In Vancouver: Are You Struggling with Chimney Problems?

The cost of chimney repairs varies based on the severity and extent of damage. One thing is certain: delaying repair can have more detrimental effects and increase repair expenses significantly.

Prime Chimney Repair is your expert if you need chimney repairs in Greater Vancouver. We specialize in all aspects of chimney repair and can fix any issue you have. We provide free estimates to help you understand the cost of your repair.

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