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Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Vancouver

May 1

Renovating your bathroom can be one of the giant home remodeling jobs you undertake. With so many designs, materials, and options, it is not easy to calculate an accurate total budget estimate.

Renovating a bathroom is like purchasing real estate or an automobile - it depends on many factors determining its success and should be approached with a grain of salt.

Let me assist with your Vancouver bathroom renovation! Here is my handy guide to getting things underway. Let's go!


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in British Columbia?

The estimated costs of renovating an entire bathroom range between $10,000 and $100,000. Renovation expenses often include both labor costs and material expenses.

Let's first consider which factors affect costs!

These factors will all play a part in the cost of renovating a bathroom.

  1. Bathroom Size
    The larger a bathroom is, the higher its cost to renovate. Plumbing fixtures can typically be found in any full bathroom comprising a toilet, at least two basins, and electrical fittings and flooring features. Large bathrooms typically include multiple sinks, more oversized vanities, and additional accessories, increasing renovation costs significantly.
  2. Material Quality
    We all understand that higher-grade materials will incur additional expenses. Installing natural stone flooring will cost more than ceramic or porcelain alternatives; this also applies to your bathroom's lighting, plumbing and other elements.
  3. Tasks Required
    Other factors that influence costs for bathroom renovation include its condition and how much work needs to be completed.

Have you purchased a fixer with outdated electrical or plumbing systems and worn floor or wall coverings in the bathroom? To repair or replace these components, additional tasks would need to be completed to address them successfully.

But the cost will be considerably less if the bathroom only requires minor updates.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Vancouver?

Renovating a 40-50-square-foot bathroom generally ranges between $14,000 and $25,000. This covers the general contractor's cost, labor charges, materials, etc.

For those wanting a more prominent and higher-end main suite, prices can easily exceed $35,000.

Every project has varying factors that determine its final cost. Here is the average per-part cost estimate for a Vancouver bath renovation.

  • Installation costs for toilets range from $400 to $1000, averaging around $600.
  • Sink installation typically costs $300-500, while installing a new faucet will set you back approximately $250 (depending on its model).
  • The number of tiles required determines tile installation costs (you should expect to spend between $1,000 and $10,000).
  • Installing bathtubs and showers: Professional bathtub installations typically range between $500-$2500, while shower installation could run anywhere from $1500-2000.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Canada?

Renovation costs for bathroom projects in Canada typically range from $10,000 to $100,000 and encompass many factors, as discussed previously.


How much should it cost to renovate my bathroom?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, an upgrade should be at most five to ten percent of the total value of your home.


Last Thoughts

Bathroom renovation costs typically fall between $14,000- $25,000. A more extensive bathroom makeover can run between $35,000.

For optimal bathroom renovation results, it's always wiser to hire an experienced contractor. Skilled Home Renovations in Greater Vancouver offers free estimates.

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